Gems Copenhagen is a family owned business founded in 2010. The owner, Imran, is third generation of gemstone dealers and manufacturers from Jaipur, India. The family has been manufacturing and selling gems since 1940.
Distribution of gemstones and diamonds is embedded within our DNA.

At the age of 17, Imran started his own business in Kerala, South India. The shop was situated right at the edge of a mountain and with a stunning ocean view. 6 years later, Imran met Ditte, a Danish woman backpacking around India. She gave birth to their first daughter shortly after, and 1 year later, Imran moved to Denmark to provide for his family - both in Denmark and India. 

Starting up a shop in Denmark required vast amounts of capital; which neither Ditte nor Imran had. Consequently, Imran applied for all kinds of jobs, and ended up balancing 3 jobs at the same time; walking dogs morning and evenings, a job in Netto's fruits department while also walking the streets of Copenhagen and sourrounding suburbs, trying to find potential customers. 

Having saved up 2,500 DKK from his Netto paycheck, Imran had packed a few gems in his Samsonite bag. It was a tough process, and a serious car crash left Imran with a broken leg, 3 surgeries and 22 screws in his injured leg. But Imran did not give up.
He kept walking the streets of Copenhagen with his crutches. A few months later, Imran had made his first sale in Denmark. 

In 2012, Imran became a father of two and had established a shop in Gothersgade. However, a few years later, Imran and Ditte divorced.

Come 2015, Imran met Louise. Together, they worked on taking the company to a new level. 
Imran is spontaneous, visionary and entrepreneurial by nature; Louise is structured, analytical and data driven. Whilst being complete opposites, the merge of such diverse personalities and skillsets also serve as a significant strength. 

The two weddings in India and Denmark, 2018, serve as a great example of how personalities, cultures and traditions merge.


45 Danish friends and family members took part in 7 days of wedding ceremonies and celebration in Jaipur. At the evening/night of the wedding ceremony itself, the parade consisted of 3 elephans, 6 camels, 15 horsses, a big band of +20 members and +4,500 guests at the palace. 
Since Louise's grandmother was not able to go to Jaipur for the wedding, Louise and Imran got married in Kirke Værløse Kirke 3 months later, commemorating Louise's late grandfather.

Now having 4 kids in total in the household, there's never a quiet moment. But the drive, ambitions and visions for Gems Copenhagen always persist. 


Our webshop only showcases a small selection of our huge stock of gemstones. We supply all gems, ranging from the cheaper ones such as onyx and quartz to the most exclusive, high quality gemstones such as sapphire, emerald and ruby. Additionally, we also supply diamonds in all qualities; from rough to VVS1.

In case you do not find what you are looking for in our webshop, please reach out to us and we will either find it in our stock or have it produced for you.


At our showroom in Copenhagen, we often host events where we exhibit our finest gemstones and showcase exquisite cuts. Here, you can check out our selection of gemstones and learn about the many services we can provide you. If you are eager to learn more about us and how we can help you are welcome to make an appointment anytime.
You can bring your own stones, design ideas or be inspired by our selection. 
​Contact us and we will make an appointment for a private session with us at our showroom - free of charge. 

​Stay updated on our Facebook and Instagram profile for upcoming events.