Gemstone appraisal. We can helo you uncover the value of your gems.


At Gems Copenhagen we appraise your gemstones by its cut, color, clarity and carat. ​In determining the value of your gemstone, we also conclude whether it is a natural stone or if it has been enhanced. 

Furthermore, we determine the value in connection to the current market value.​The demand of gemstones fluctuates, meaning you need to have an appraisal every few years to have ensured incorrect value. ​



Carat weight
The most commonly used factor to determine a gemstones value is its carat weight. One carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams. But important to know is that the weight and size of gems varies significantly, hence a fluctuating density across gemstones. 
For example, a 6mm round diamond weighs about 0.90 carats, a 6mm round emerald weighs about 0.80 carat, and a 6mm sapphire weighs about 1.05 carats. 

Cut grade
Two main classifications of cuts are the smooth, dome shaped stone called cabochons. The second is gemstones cut with small flat windows called facets at regular intervals at exact angles. 

Gemstones that are opaque or semi-opaque such as the opal are commonly cut as cabochons. Opaque gemstones are cut to show the color of the gemstone and the properties of the surface by having a smooth and polished surface. 

Transparent gemstones are normally cut with facets, enhancing the optical properties of the gemstones interior by maximizing the reflected light giving a sparkling effect. Cutting with facets requires very exact angling because having too steep or to shallow angles will let the light pass through the stone. The detail of the angles and the sparkling effect affects the price. 

Clarity grade
Most gemstones have inclusions, small cracks and other visual particles inside. Gems without visible and optical disturbing inclusions are very rare and valuable. The more pale the gemstone, the more will inclusions being more visible. 

Color grade
The saturation of the gemstone is an important factor for having a dazzling effect. For example, the more vivid of blue a sapphire, the more value it has.

The diamond color scale is made differently from gemstones, and ranges from D-Z, being the pures and most colorless.